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Kristen Bales

Kristen Bales is an author and musician out of Indianapolis.

Kristen Bales is a writer, multi-faceted musician, and poet residing in Indianapolis, Indiana. A songwriter by trade, she draws on a constant flow of creative experiences to infuse her literary work with a blend of fiction and folklore-inspired narratives.

Deeply entrenched in the regional music scene, Kristen is known for her evocative songwriting, drawing inspiration from her varied life experiences in multiple imaginative spaces. Her literary endeavors are similarly imbued with this depth of expression, weaving together intricate stories that captivate readers and transport them to fantastical realms.

Finding space for her innate love of fantasy, which was fostered through roots in Tolkien and grounded in an adoration for contemporary femme voices in the genre such as V.E. Schwab and Holly Black, Bales found a slice of bookish belonging in her Instagram account. You can follow her bookish musings via Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook at @kristenbalesbooks.

On books:


Currently, Kristen is immersed in crafting her debut fantasy novel, the first of a romantasy trilogy. Beyond her bookish pursuits, she spearheads quarterly writing workshops in the Indianapolis Metro area, cultivating a supportive community of aspiring poets, songwriters, and creatives.

On poetry:

In the summer of 2020, amidst isolation as a musician without any live shows or concerts to perform, Kristen discovered solace in poetry. Motivated by a desire to cultivate hope in dire circumstances, Bales poured creativity into verses as an act of self-love. Launching a poetry account, each composition spurred further inspiration, leading to the creation of prints, illustrations, and paintings.

Driven by the overwhelming response, Kristen expanded her artistic output, sharing creations alongside poems. Encouraged by a mentor, she ventured into local markets, offering art as a beacon of hope in uncertain times. In her brief interactions with people over farmer’s market counters and gallery pockets, she witnessed the power of art to evoke emotions and foster connections.

The resulting collection reflects Kristen's unwavering belief in beauty and the transformative power of hope, inviting readers to embrace the joy found in words and imagery.

Kristen has been featured in...

Poet's Choice, Poems on a Global Lockdown

Forthcoming releases...

"Sense and Sensibility in Soaked Pages", feat. in Amaranth Publishing's Jane Austen Anthology - April 2024

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